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PIMS - The Prison Information and Management System

Access to Prisoner data is fundamental to the running of any prison. However, traditionally this data is often duplicated and stored using many different forms. As a result this repeated data can often become ‘out of sync’ and when information relating to prisoner activity is required, finding this information can often be difficult.

PrisonSYS Summary

The Prison Summary View

The Prison Information and Management  System or PIMS is designed to overcome these problems by storing the majority of prisoner data in a central database. What’s more, rather than making this data record a secondary process to the running of the prison, the PIMS is designed to aid the operator during Prison tasks such as Reception and the Gate Lodge with the data generated by the processes stored automatically within the system.

Finally, because data stored in the database is never deleted, the PIMS allows users who have the appropriate permissions the ability to interrogate the stored data using the integrated reporting tool.

But don't take our word for it, here are just some of the comments received from users and staff at Guernsey Prison...

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