John Gocher Computing
PIMS - The Prison Information and Management System

“An excellent tool that covers the full spectrum of prison business.”

Residential Senior Officer G Cale.

“A quick, easy and efficient way to record prisoner details on reception.”

Lester Guilbert, Reception Officer.

“Easy to use for quick reference - all the information is to hand in one programme.”

Martina Fennelly, Administration Officer.

“It gives me the information I want at the click of a button. We use it day in day out and take the system for granted. All the information on both staff and prisoners is readily available. We have all been part of the P.I.M.S. development.”

P.O. A Le Page, Detail Manager.

“P.I.M.S. is very accessible, I use it every day but it is particularly useful after being on leave because I can read records and get back up to speed. It helps stop prisoners blagging me.”

Richard Loyd, Prison Officer.

“The job is easier-definitely, because all the information is in one place. My life is much easier because I can answer questions from prisoners and give them the answers particularly when prisoners ask me about how much money they have or how they have spent it.”

Mark Rundle, Prison Officer.

“It enables the training department to easily establish a training needs analysis and provides an accessible record of all training.”

Training Senior Officer, Peter Netherton.

“A time saving tool because we can use P.I.M.S. to generate a range of risk assessments through its ability to merge data in to a document."

P.O. Jeff Lewis, Duty Manager.

“It’s a good system that gives me all the information I need.”

Control Officer Tony De La Mare.

“In comparison to the somewhat outdated systems I have been used to in H.M.P. we enjoy the benefits of a bespoke I.T. package that generates a range of efficiencies and to use stored data proactively for that purpose.”

Deputy Governor Paul Whitfield.

“This package is cutting edge; the developers are to be congratulated.”

John May, former H.M.P. Regional Manager.

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